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Build A Bear
Build a bearWe have a great new idea for your Summer Program, Family Fun Night or Fundraiser that will bring smiles to all of your childrens faces! This is a fun and exciting way to gather up the children to have a celebration.
We offer a mobile build your own stuffed animal store that travels right to your schools programs, fundraising events or holiday festival events. We have 10 different stuffed animals and 12 different outfits that the children use to dress their new furry friend. The child chooses an animal and then helps build it with our exclusive teddy bear stuffing machine. The child can then choose an outfit to dress their animal in.
($100 for 5 bears/ $20 each additional bear)
This Package Includes:
Golden Wish Key, Fluff & Birth Certificate
Make a BearStuffed ElephantStuffed Polar BearStuffed Pink Bear
Stuffed TigerStuffed bearTeddy BearStuffed alligator
Stuffed LionPillow Beds are Here! fPillow Beds are Here! f
Pillow Beds are Here! f
Build a bear